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Jul 08, 2014 at 06:27 PM

Need help on Crosstab in WebI 4.0


Hello All,

I need help on how to arrange the Crosstab to have the below in WebI. The data is in InfoCube is at 0CALDAY & 0CALMONTH.

The Cost & Quantity of the system date (7/7) should be displayed and the averages will be for that Calendar Month (07/2014).

While creating the Crosstab, I kept the Product Category & Plant on Horizontal Axis and it displays as expected, but how to

arrange 'Cost on system date 7/7', 'Average Cost', 'Quantity on system date 7/7' and 'Average Quantity' fields in Crosstab.

First I tried by keeping them on Vertical Axis and it didn't work. Later I tried by keeping them in Body Axis also it didn't work.

How could I create the WebI to display like the below, please ?