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Jul 08, 2014 at 04:02 PM

MDG-F 7.0 Cost Center and Cost Center Hierarchy Data Model


To craete a new cost center code in a cost center hierachy, i have to specify that under which cost center group the incoming cost center should be placed during KS02 or other create program. this is How ECC handles cration/maintainance of cost center hierachy.

Looking at CCTR, CCRTH+CCTRG data models, there is NO cost center group field defined in CCTR. and there is cost center group/cost center hierarchy and its relationship defined in CCRTH/CCTGR.

I was expecting to see the relationship of cost center and cost center group defined in there too. Otherwise, MDG-F won't be able to know where the incoming cost center should go.

Am I missing something?

Perhaps, CCRTH is actually used for cost center group or the highest cost center hiera and CCTRG can also be used for cost center though they are called hierachy and cost center group respectively.