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Jul 08, 2014 at 03:20 PM

Technical Monitoring: customizing cancelled batch jobs metric


We have recently implemented Solution Manager Technical Monitoring. We are struggling with the Number of cancelled jobs metric.

Our issue is that users have the ability to cancel their own background jobs. This of course triggers the alert. So, from that standpoint this alert can yield a lot of "false positives".

On the other hand, we do have jobs where we would like an alert - jobs by name, by ID, by program...etc.

However when I look at the Data Collection tab for the number of cancelled jobs metric(s), the parameters are very basic and don't provide any parameters to filter out jobs based on regular expressions as some other metrics do.

Does anyone have any insight into how this metric could be customized? Or, more ambitiously, could this be implemented as a brand new custom metric? If so, this seems to be a more involved process and we haven't seen a real comprehensive "guide" on how to create and implement a brand new custom metric so if anyone has any experience or documentation to share that would be greatly appreciated.


Jeff Henke