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Jul 08, 2014 at 11:06 AM

Please make me understand PCR and Schema


Pleas make me understand the below screenshots. The 8th step states that insert in a new sub schema Do I need to create new sub schema If yes , How do i create?

  1. 8. Restriction for Retro

As it is generated from the cumulation of Wage types, when there is a change in the base Wage types which is used to cumulate base amount also will change. So, it is need to restrict from retro. To do that create a New PCR and insert in a new Sub-schema, and insert after the PCR to generate the Base amount.

Rule There is a syntax error so I removed 9GRS I just kept AMT=0 The remaining all same Is that correct?

Iam not able to see below screen in schema please help me out

In screen Copy inbetween one day salary deduction what does it mean please help me out

The above steps posted in scn discussion


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