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Dec 02, 2005 at 11:24 PM

Getting user-supplied data for links to remote website



I want to certify a enterprise portal business package that should be fairly easy. This is my first experience using SAP or doing an integration and this forum and the documentation is my only access to information. There are no experts here...yet. 😊

Anyway, the only thing I need to do for the portal integration is to display some links to our .NET web application. When a user selects one of the links, the associated web page should display in the right pane of the portal.

My questions are this:

Is displaying the webpage in the right pane of the portal OK? Are there any issues I need to consider when displaying the webpage content, such as the look of the page? (I would like to display the page exactly as it is displayed if one were to use a web browser to view it if that is OK).

The .NET application runs on IIS. Is it permitted to run this on the same machine as the SAP server?

What would be the best technique to get information about where my .NET web application is running, such as host and port number? When one installs the business package, they must either be asked to enter the location of the remote web server, or maybe the information can be retrieved from a configuration file. (?)

Lastly, is it OK to create the links using the URL iView or should I use Visual Studio to create the links then create a PAR file?

Thank you very much for your help