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Jul 07, 2014 at 08:24 PM

"Trying to create a journal entry of the local BP with foreign amounts" error


I have an addon that needs to set the Total (LC) field on the invoice form when a Delivery is copied to an Invoice. In this case, it's $169,978.62. The original Unit Price on the row is $7,000.00, with quantity of 5 MT (selling UoM). After populating the line total field through SDK UI, it calculated discount% to be -385.653. When I press Add, it gives me red bar error "Trying to create a journal entry of the local BP, with foreign amounts [message 3530-11]". This BP uses local currency and there is no foreign currency involved on this document. If I perform the same action through normal UI without SDK, I can add the invoice without a problem. I know it probably has to do with rounding, but how can I get past this error if I have to set the line total through SDK?