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Jul 07, 2014 at 05:29 PM

SAP system can not connect to Oracle standby host after switchover



We are having DR setup for our ECC (dual stack) system using Oracle Data Guard. Recently we did the Mock drill for that and SWITCHOVER for that went successfully. But when we tried to start SAP system, disp+work got failed & SAP didn't started.

We have Three separate hosts as below (all are Windows 2008),

1. SAP Application server ( Single application server / ECC EHP 5)

2. Primary database host (oracle 11 g)

3. DR database host (oracle 11 g)

We are having only ONE SAP application server and we want to use that same application server when database SWITCHOVER happens.

I have followed below guide for data guard setup,

As the SWITCHOVER at DB level gone fine, So connectivity w.r.t. tnsping & listener has no issue. DG config also works fine. I had checked the database status manually and DR was in OPEN status and primary DB was in MOUNTED status when SWITCHOVER occurred. So from DB level everything was fine.

I changed parameter "SAPDBHOST=DR host" and "j2ee/dbhost=DR host" in Default profile of SAP before starting the SAP system (after SWITCHOVER), But SAP didn't able to connect to DR database & disp+work process got died.

I checked the work process log and found errors as below,

and the same error was coming when R3trans -d was executed from SAP application server host. Error log file is attached "Trans.log".

As of now I have reverted SWITCHOVER and now working with original primary server. I need to know what I have missed & what is the requirement for connecting same SAP application server to DR database after SWITCHOVER.

Thanks for your help!!

Best Regards,


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