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Dec 02, 2005 at 07:18 PM

0MATERIAL Delta issue


For some materials, when there are delta updates of 0MATERIAL and fields are changed, there is no update in the material master. I can see the fields updated in the PSA- but when it goes to 0MATERIAL, the updates do not go thru. We recently refreshed our QA system and the problem was resolved by a full reload of 0MATERIAL. However, this is not possible in our Production client, because 0MATERIAL is locked in DataTargets. (to make things worse- when I perform the SLG1 transaction, the log aways is empty)

I can give you some examples to look at in our DW4 system if you need them. Perhaps you have a solution without needing this?

<b>More detail</b>-

We have formula in our transfer rules that takes the Product Hierarchy and splits it up into different sections (Prod1, Prod2, etc). It then puts these Hierarchy sections into new fields.

For some materials, only the full product hierarchy is coming over. The spilt is not happening. When I reload the data into 0MATERIAL, the spilt is still not happening. It appears that it will not overwrite the

previous record and I am unable to drop all the masterdata to completely reload. I also see other fields that come over in the PSA and are not in 0MATERIAL- even after a delta reload. Any suggestions?