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Former Member
Jul 07, 2014 at 07:51 AM

Ariba ITK File Based Integration using SAP PI with SAP


Hi Experts,

Currently we are planning of integrating ARIBA with SAP via Ariba Integration Toolkit installed on SAP PI.

I have gone through the Ariba procurement solution SAP guide but I am not able to understand the design flow in case of File based integration for uploading the transactional/master data to SAP from Ariba system.

My understanding as below:

1) Ariba Procurement Solution will generate the transactional data in a CSV file and place it the desired FTP folder.

2) PI will pick the file from the above placed location and transform the data as per standard mapping content provided.

3) PI will generate an output CSV file and place it the ECC folder.

4) ECC will download the file using ABAP program provided by Ariba and upload the data to SAP database.

5) In return ECC will place the csv file informing the status of the transaction done.

6) Following the same process PI will send the data to Ariba Procurement Solutions.


1) If above design is correct then what is role of ITK installed in PI?

2) Does FILE based integration is supported for PI 7.4?

3) Please guide me for the design flow in case I am wrong.


Nida Fatima