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Jul 07, 2014 at 04:53 AM

(MX) Contabilidad Electr贸nica - RME 2014 Anexo 24


Dear Forum,

In Mexico, new rules has been publish as part of the new legal change for "Regla Miscelanea Fiscal" (RMF) 2014. "Contabilidad Electronica".


According to this rules, companies must take in their electronic system three elements:

a) Catálogo de cuentas (chart of accounts) identified with a "código agrupador" (CA). This is the chart of account used by your company that should be update each time the structure has been change. Anexo 24 provides the (CA) catalogue.

b) "Balanza de comprobación" This is an extraction for each single account by period showing the initial balance, account movement (S/H) and final balance.

This is send in a monthly basis in the "Buzón tributario" (a mailbox with SAT)

c) "Polizas", that is an extraction for accounting documents.

This extraction is required only when SAT asked for them, or when your company ask for a "devolución o compensación" process.

For all above elementes, a XML file must be generate according to "Anexo 24 - Contabilidad en Medios Electrónicos".

Some question arise to front this challenging goal so far:

- If you already have a solution to front this requirement, can you please share your experience.

(New customizing, developments, add-on, third party, etc.)

Thanks for your help Fernando Luna