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Dec 02, 2005 at 03:44 PM

backup_restore problem with sapdb



i'm searching a way to backup my sapdb of my content server.

And I'm using dbmcli at the moment.

so i made 2 backup_media stores with the following instruction

<i>dbmcli -d SDB -u superdba,admin backup_media_put datafiles J:\Backup_content\data\data.backup FILE DATA 0 8 YES</i>

<i>dbmcli -d SDB -u superdba,admin backup_media_put logfiles J:\Backup_content\log\log.backup FILE DATA 0 8 YES</i>

after that i say he must make backups to those backup media's

<i>dbmcli -d SDB -uUTL -u superdba,admin -o J:\Backup_content\savestate.log backup_save_state

dbmcli -d SDB -uUTL -u superdba,admin -o J:\Backup_content\datafilebackup.log backup_save datafiles recovery data

dbmcli -d SDB -uUTL -u superdba,admin -o J:\Backup_content\logilebackup.log backup_save logfiles recovery log</i>

after that i check my backup

<i>dbmcli -d SDB -uSRV -u superdba,admin backup_restore_check datafiles data</i>

all is working well until this point

when i want to restore it

i'm using the following instruction

dbmcli -d SDB -uUTL -u superdba,admin backup_restore datafiles data

and its giving me an error message


-24988,ERR_SQL: sql error

-3014,Invalid end of SQL statement

I looked at the and i found the following

backup_restore <medium> <type> [ExternalBackupID <external_backup_ID>] [<nnn>] [UNTIL <date> <time>]

With this command you read a backup.


Medium from which the backup is to be read.

When restoring a backup made on several media at the same time, you must enter the name of the backup media group here.


Type of backup to be imported: DATA, PAGES or LOG


Actual backup version on the backup carrier that is being checked; relevant only for media of type FILE .

UNTIL <date> <time>

For log backups you can enter an exact time up to which the log backups are to be read.

ExternalBackupID <external_backup_ID>

1. I'm thinking i need to fill in the <nnn> field but what do i have to fill in?

2. Am I making a good backup?