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Jul 05, 2014 at 04:03 AM

Getting reference to used components of FPM OIF component



I am try to find a way to get reference to instances of used components created by OIF FPM. My scenario is as follows.

  • I have two custom components - Component A and component B.( both with just a single MAIN view )
  • BOth components are configured as subviews in FPM_OIF_COMPONENT component configuration. Component A forms the first subview ( initial screen) and Component B forms the second subview.
  • Component B needs to display componentA->MAIN view in a view container ( component A defined as used component in component B- calling this usedcomponentA).
  • Changes made to fields of usedcomponent A ( from component B) should show up for component A when user switches back to component A.

Now since FPM framework creates an instance of componentA and component B creates another instance of componentA ( usedcomponentA)
My changes are not getting synced as required.

Does anyone know if there is a way to get the instance of the used component which FPM is using so that there is only only instance of the used component and thus no discrepency. I have done this with custom compoents but so far found no way of doing the same with FPM.

Note: i know my issue can be easily resolved using SDC or singleton class. However i was curious to know how to deal wth multiple instances of same used components when FPM is creating one of the instances.