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Former Member
Jul 04, 2014 at 05:19 PM

Bapi_pr_change for service PR issue for updating block indicator only



I want to update the blocking indicator(EBAN-BLCKT) for the PR. It works fine in normal case. But when service PR is used then it gives error.

Then accordingly I changed my code to pass the serviceline and servicelinex table which I get from BAPI_PR_GETDETAILS.

Error is 'enter va;uation price'..I am not sure in whihc table sould I pass it..explicitly..becoz I just use the value from get detail BAPI and pass in PR change.

For item , I am passing item no and blocked indicator and corresponding field in item x table as 'X'.

In service line, I am passing item no and srv_line and gross price...which is coming as blank from BAPI get detail..If I change the gross price then it will update at the service line..But I do not want to update any values for service line...just the block indicator. So also not clear which all table should I pass in BAPI_PR_CHANGE.

Provide your input...Help Appreciated...