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Dec 02, 2005 at 02:37 PM

User commands in subscreen with selection screen


I have created a subscreen in an application through a user exit. Within that subscreen, I have defined a selection-screen within a subscreen area. The subscreen also has an ALV grid under the subarea. The select-options are defined as no intervals (i.e. single field multiple values).

When I enter in the multiple selection screen to either delete other options or add new options and press enter (or the clock with tick icon), I get a message saying 'Requested function %0100100000213534 is not available here'. How can I use the select-option functionality within a subscreen when enter is pressed to avoid this message? I have not set a pf-status for my subscreen as I do not want additional icons yet I want to use the values in the select-option to find information in order to populate my ALV grid when I press enter. This should occur after I have entered values in the select-option screen. Should I be defining an additional pushbutton in the selection-screen or should I be defining a PBO and PAI for my subscreen area (subscreen 1001) that the selection screen appears in, in the larger subscreen.

Apologies if this does not make sense