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Jul 04, 2014 at 09:15 AM

BO 4.1 Universe Metadata extraction using Java SL SDK



We are trying to extract metadata through java semantic layer sdk from BO 4.1 SP3,we had been able to extract the data upto class level but can not proceed further to extract data related to the objects such as "measures,"dimensions","filters",etc from a class as we can't find suitable methods to do so.

Please have a look to the following code snippet:-

RelationalBusinessLayer businessLayer = (RelationalBusinessLayer) local.load("D:\\Universe\\retrieval-2014-03-17-15-47-46\\eFashion4.blx"); //loading local blx file

RootFolder rf =businessLayer.getRootFolder();

List<BlItem> getchildren=rf.getChildren(); //would return list of classes

Now we intend to extract objects(filters,dimensions,measures) from each of these BlItems.

Please help.


Kavitha S