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Jul 04, 2014 at 08:49 AM

Error while scheduling data collector: Error adding routine 'SAPTOOLS.DBH_FWK_CLEANUP' to task scheduler


Error Detail

Exception CX_DBA_ADBC in program RAGS_SISE_ACTIVITY_JOB line 0
Kernel Error ID:
WP ID: 23
WP PID: 28977
SQL statement:
Database: CR5
caused by
Kernel Error ID:
DB Error: Yes
SQL Code: 444-
SQL Message: SQL0444N Routine "*TASK_ADD" (specific name "SQL140704080729140") is implemented with code in library or path "...ib/function/SYSPROC.ADMIN_TASK_ADD", function "*" which cannot be accessed. Reason code: "4". SQLSTATE=42724 row=1
DB Object Exists: No
Duplicated Key: No
Internal Error: 1
Invalid Cursor: No
Unknown Connection: No
Connection Closed: No

System Detail:

Solman 7.1

ST 710 0010 SAPKITL710 SAP Solution Manager Tool

SAP_BASIS 702 0013 SAPKB70213 SAP Basis Component

Managed system:


SAP_BASIS 701 0005 SAPKB70105 SAP Basis Component

SAP_ABA 701 0005 SAPKA70105 Cross-Application Component

PI_BASIS 701 0005 SAPK-70105INPIBASIS Basis Plug-In

ST-PI 2008_1_700 0008 SAPKITLRD8 SAP Solution Tools Plug-In

CRMLOY 700 0005 SAPK-70005INCRMLOY CRM Loyalty Management 700

SAP_BS_FND 701 0005 SAPK-70105INSAPBSFND SAP Business Suite Foundation

SAP_BW 701 0005 SAPKW70105 SAP Business Warehouse

LCAPPS 2005_700 0007 SAPKIBHD07 LC Applications (LCAPPS) 2005_700

Database DB2


DB21085I Instance "db2cr5" uses "64" bits and DB2 code release "SQL09016" with

level identifier "01070107".

Informational tokens are "DB2 v9.1.0.6", "s081007", "U817474", and Fix Pack


Activity detail:

We are performing managed system configuration for CRM into Solman by using solman_setup transaction. While performing the Database Extractor Setup in step 8 we have observed above error.

Action take at our end:

1. Clean the LMDB and restart the configuration. - no luck

2. Upgrade the hostagent at CRM - No luck

3. Update the SLD for CRM entry - no luck

4. implemented SAP notes:

875986 Note Assistant: Important notes for SAP_BASIS up to 702

1246964 Note Assistant: Master language of notes incorrect

1262653 SPAU: New object is deleted after note is reset

1309424 DB6: DBA Cockpit Correction Collection SAP Basis 7.01 / 7.11

1335017 DB6:"Remove Redundant Restrictions" can return wrong results

1349277 Note Assistant: Method cannot be implemented

1365677 Note Assistant: Runtime error MOVE_CAST_ERROR during implmtn

1372652 DB6: Short dump when viewing diaglog due to NULL bytes


1376543 DB6: OPTIONS parameters for backup jobs in DB13

1378499 DB6: CLI error CLI0112E with "REORGCK_ALL" job

1379260 DB6: Add BW query name as comment to SQL statements

1379346 DB6: Scheduling of data collectors fails

1381179 DB6: Incorrect values for 'number of objects in tablespace'

1382634 DB6: Unable to create view 'SAPTOOLS.DBH_TABCLASS'

1382996 DB6: Update of DPW Back-End in Monitored DBs does not work

1384238 DB6: Defect scheduler on DB2 9.1 FP7/FP8 for LUW on Linux

1387022 DBA Cockpit: Month displayed incorrectly in DB13C

1387297 DB6: SQL-Fehler 901 during RUNSTATS and REORGCHK

1397709 Ignore Dynpro element fields AGLT and ADEZ in SNOTE/CWB

1398258 DB6: Job REORGCK_ALL places load on package cache

1400843 DB6: Incorrect display of key fields in EXPLAIN

1412719 SNOTE: error when implementing enhancement implementations

1413008 DB6: SQL0206N in function module DB6_PM_LOCKSNAP

1414624 DB6: Performance views if database monitors are deactivated

1414626 DB6: Incorrect display of file system sizes of containers

1415680 Note Assistant: Incorrect status in subsequent systems

1421157 DB6: SQL error 204 when accessing table DBSTATC

1425487 SE24: Error regarding READ-ONLY for complex attributes

1426092 DB6: Incorrect DROPPED TABLE clause for tablespaces

1426480 DB2: Incorrect display of registry values for DPF systems

1427030 DB6: Container specifications for tablespaces not changeable

1429082 DB6: No REORG after deactivating compression

1429687 DB6: SQL cache performance

1438168 DB6: REORGCHK recommendations for indexes are missing

1444373 DB6: Loading the package cache with monitor functions

1449482 DB6: Error message 'Command LIST_DB2DUMP failed'

1451958 DBA Cockpit: Incorrect start time for jobs

1452197 DB6: SQL error 100 in job REORGCK_ALL

1452502 DBA Cockpit: Jobs are missing in central planning calendar

1455897 DB6: Display of data classes is not updated

1456379 DB6: No display of indexes in data classes

1460895 DB6: SQL0104N during creation of WLM threshold

1462415 DB6: SQL -444 error messages in system log

1462855 DB6: Incorrect database name in HA environment

1464800 DB6: SQL Commands executes automatically on system change

1464858 DB6: COMPUTE_BCD_OVERFLOW during EXPLAIN Test Execute


1485313 DBA Cockpit: Incomplete system entries after SLD import

1486972 DB6: Parameters for DB/DBM configuration cannot be changed

1489968 DBA: DBA Cockpit WebDynpro does not care about HTTPURLLOC

1496515 DB6: SQL error 1428N when starting the DBA Cockpit

1501130 DB6: SQL error 802 in DB6_DIAG_COUNT_TABLE_ENTRIES

1508074 RZ20: 'Connection' attribute does not report alerts

1509121 DBA Cockpit: Endless loop occurs when starting DBA Cockpit

1511803 DB6: DB_TABLE_DATA_READ does not return data

1521525 DB6: Table display is not sorted

1522617 DB6: Availability of BW-specific functions in DBA Cockpit

1532114 DB6: Too many locks when collecting table history

1536787 DBA Cockpit: WebDynpro Explain - LOADDATA requires a model

1542311 DB6: Runtime error BCD_OVERFLOW in auto maintenance display

1546866 DB6: Runstats_DBSTATC interprets runtime param. incorrectly

1551729 DB6: Incorrect number of key fields in EXPLAIN

1552812 DB6: Use of db2sap functions

1559699 DB6: Missing data in SQL cache display

1559967 DB6: SQL error 206 when collecting the table history

1563327 DB6: SQL error SQL0551N when accessing SYSSTAT.TABLES

1568800 DB6: Error when deleting alert messages

1569592 DB6: SQL error SQL0433N in EXPLAIN

1569669 DB6: Incomplete history for performance data

1571365 DB6: SQL error SQL0443N in alert monitoring of DPF system

1576094 DB6: Database error SQL1751N in partitioning wizard

1597281 DB6: Incorrect compression displays for tables

1599764 DB6: SQL error 1428 when calling transaction SM50

1602403 DB6: No VOLATILE attribute after RUNSTATS or REORG job

1613270 DB6: Runtime error DYNPRO_FIELD_CONVERSION in DBA cockpit

1615698 DBA Cockpit: Incorrect date selection in DB13C

1619084 DBA Cockpit: Runtime err MESSAGE_TYPE_X when alert displayed

1619636 DBA Cockpit: Daily scheduling is not deleted

1624436 DBA Cockpit: Errors when accessing SHM area CL_DBA_SHM_AREA

1639631 DBA Cockpit: Failed schedulings in DB13

1720495 Invalid deimplementation of obsolete notes by Snote tool

Kindly suggest the correct solution to fix the issue.