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Jul 03, 2014 at 05:05 PM

Process Order creates Multiple Inspection for Same Batch


Hi Guys,

Expert opinion is needed to have this issue fixed.

Issue:When a new Process Order is created it automatically creates in storage location A. There are times when a process order needs to be created into another storage location B. When the Process Order is created and then is changed from A to B it will create two inspection lots for one batch, one for each storage location. From the plant perspective they only need one Inspection lot as they will not create two set of samples for testing since it is the same batch it just went into a different storage location then it was originally created for. Is there a way to change SAP so that it only creates one Inspection lot per batch.

Control InspLot field in QM view for Insp Type 04 is X

We had different scenarios with same Batch

SCENARIO #1: Sloc is changed to B prior to Release, in CRTD status of order Sloc was A

So there are 2 Insp. Lot created one for A & another for B after GR in Sloc B

SCENARIO #2: Sloc is changed to B after Release

IL is created after Release of order with Sloc A, after changing Sloc B in process order and performing GR, new IL is created for Sloc B

Business scenario is certain times of the year where one creates a PO with one Sloc and then it needs to be GR into a different Sloc.

They are generating a lot of IL’s that are not used and it seems like every year they need to get UD’s made on IL’s for finance to close out the year which is cumbersome.

Please suggest way out, objective is one process should have one IL per Batch irrespective of Sloc


Nitin Desai