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Jul 03, 2014 at 02:12 PM

No text redetermination once change the ship to party


Hello Experts,

We have text like picking/packing/shipping text in ship to party. and we have assigned such text value in ship to party.


Ship to party A has shipping text: ABCDEFG

Ship to party B has shipping text: 12345678

I create the sales order with ship to party: A and system determine text (header level) as ABCDEFG, I save it later i change the ship to party in sale order from A to B. according to business logic system should change the shipping text from ABCDEFG to 12345678 once I change the ship to party from A to B. But it is not happening.

Even though changing the ship to party from A to B, system is not redetermining text and I am wondering why it's happening?

Is it the standard functionality ? why it is happening ?