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Jul 03, 2014 at 07:30 AM

CR2008 - I want parameter prompt to accept blank values. How?



I use CR2008 for designing my reports and SQL stored procedures as their datasource.

I always run my reports from within SAP B1 (Preview External Crystal Reports)

My report contains numerous subreports and therefore has many parameter prompts.

Not all parameter prompts are required for a given subreport.

My idea is to make the prompts optional, so that the user needs not waste time entering values when not needed for his subreport.

In Edit Parameter, I can set Optional Prompt to TRUE.

However, the parameter accepts blank values only if it is a parameter created in CR2008.

If the parameter is created within the sp, the parameter cannot be made optional (the option is greyed)


As most of my parameters are created in sp, these parameters do not allow blank values in CR2008.

ALTER procedure [dbo].[usp_2014_101] @Project nvarchar(15), @WhichStore nVarChar 20 , @WhichReport nVarChar (20), @DateFrom Date, @DateTo Date

Is there any way I can modify my sp to make the prompt optional in CR2008?


Leon Lai