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Jul 03, 2014 at 07:26 AM

Save runtime of a RFC call


We have some shop-floor machines that has to get batch data directly from SAP using a RFC call to a Z functionmodul. Sometimes they complaine about long response times. In general when looking at standard SAP logs and general response time we can’t see any indications that there should be long response times (going from a few ms to a minut). It is to my knowledge not possible to go back and look what happened to this RFC user a couple of hours ago at ex. 10:23:56 compared to the call he made at 10:25:17 in the standard logs.

Is to only way to find/log this kind of info to add code to my FM to measure and store the runtime that is used from the beginning of the FM to the end of the FM using the GET RUN TIME statement and store them in a new Z- tabel?

Alternative could the LOG-POINT statement be used as a standard tool (also to make it easy to turn this log on/off) to store the run time.

The solution should have no impact on the runtime