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Jul 03, 2014 at 04:41 AM

Sapccm4x to monitor local segment


Dear colleagues,

I have a development SAP ERP 60 EHP7 instance up and running. We would like the ST06 in the developemnt instance to report previous hours and history data. The only way to get this information is getting the CCMS agent installed. The operating system is HP-UX 11.31 so we should use sapccm4x. When I run sapccm4x -r pf=<path to profile> and enter all the info required I got the following error:

please enter password for [DEV:000:CSMREG]: *********

Try to connect ...

INFO: [DEV:000:CSMREG] connected to DEV, host saperpdefa, System Nr. 00, traceflag [ ]

INFO: DEV release is 740 , (kernel release 741 ), CCMS version 20060508

INFO: RFC logon info for [DEV:000:CSMREG] can be updated at any time with -R option:

sapccm4x -R <params>

INFO: Updated saprfc.ini in agent work directory /usr/sap/DEV/DVEBMGS00/log/sapccm4x

ERROR: Monitoring segment belongs to central system DEV

CCMS agent SAPCCM4X may only be run for remote segments

that do not belong to central system DEV

Therefore exiting....

I have installed this development instance for a customer and they want historical performance data. At the moment, they do not want to implement a CEN system to gather all the performance information for the SAP landscape. How should I do to get historical performance data for the development instance if I can not install the sapccm4x agent?.

I would appreciate your help.