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Jul 02, 2014 at 08:20 PM

Costs of Service Call using OSCL, SCL2, SCL4, in Crystal Reports


I need to understand how to connect SCL2 and/or SCL4 to the delivery and return marketing documents for the purpose of creating a Crystal report to show the detailed costs of service calls. SCL2 has the specific item codes but SCL4 has the marketing document numbers.

I understand linking SCL4 to ORDN and ORIN (and then each of those to RDN1 and RIN1) but how do I link OSCL and these service call tables (SCL2 and/or SCL4) to get the marketing document line item cost for each item code on SCL2?

NOTE: the database I'm working with has no data in the OSCL child tables yet, so I can't test anything directly.

Feel free to ask questions to clarify.