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Jul 02, 2014 at 04:18 PM

How to setup MM costing and drive for new parts before ECM release key is triggered?



I am on the engineering side of SAP ERP where I create new materials, BOMs, etc. We do this with a change master without release key today. We are switching to a more controlled/managed process for engineering changes where we will use change masters with a release key and approval workflows for these tasks (ECM). The problem we are seeing is that the supply chain side of the business is not able to perform their tasks of costing materials and driving for new parts until the ECM workflows are complete, release key is active, and the changes are valid for production. There must be a way for supply chain to perform these tasks beforehand, so that when the release key becomes active, material costing is complete, new materials are already on hand (or at least been ordered), so that the process of procurement/production orders are not delayed. Can you point me to documentation that provides an overview, or summarizes what the best practices are for our supply chain when we start working with ECM release keys?