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Jul 02, 2014 at 03:09 PM

Cannot Save Webi Report After Changing Dataprovider using RESTful Web Services


I want this to run via Java script eventually but I see the same error just trying out the steps with an http client. My target document (SI_ID 41960) has a single data provider accessing unv universe with SI_ID 41939. I want to point it to a unx copy of this universe with SI_ID 41943. I'm using BI 4.1 SP03.

I can retrieve the default mappings:

and repoint to the unx universe successfully

If I log off now though, I am left with a new Webi doc in ~WebIntelligence in my Favourites folder, correctly mapped to the new unx universe, which could be incredibly useful in some circumstances. Ultimately though I want to update the original and it has been suggested that I just need to save the Webi document. If I try this though I just get an internal error (the body of my PUT command below is empty).

How can I arrive at having just the original document, correctly remapped to my unx universe?




defmappings.png (52.7 kB)
repoint.png (54.4 kB)
save.png (36.7 kB)