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Jul 02, 2014 at 06:34 AM

SMP 3.0: Agentry Publish and configuration guideline


Hi Experts

I have (finally) succeeded in getting SAP Work Manager Agentry working on a local installation of SMP 3.0. I have tested both as productive server and development server.

However the change management strategy for changing Agentry application configuration is very unclear to me !

And I have not been able to find clear documentation for this.

After initially setting up the environment, there are several ways of doing changes to the environment.

1. Some configurations are done directly in the Management Cockpit. This is more or less the stuff that is maintained in Agentry.ini.

2. You pack the files you want to be changed in a .zip archive and publish via "App specific setting" in the Management Cockpit.

3. You manipulate the files directly in the file system of SMP 3.0 (SMP_HOME\Server\configuration\

Note: It seems that to use method 2, one must always include the Application, otherwise the entire package is rejected.

It is unclear to me if there is a clear strategy or Best Practice of when to use either of the 3 methods.

It seems that changes to Agentry.ini must always be done via method 1. I think this is the only way to make changes take effect.

QUESTION 1: Do you always do changes to Agentry.ini via the Management Cockpit (and not via file system) ?

Then there is changes to the Agentry Application. I have seen documentation that states, that changes may be published directly to the file system of the SMP server. But it can also be published via the Management Cockpit.

QUESTION 2: What is Best Practice regarding publishing of Agentry Application changes ?

Regarding JavaBE.ini changes as well as changes to Java. These can be done either by method 2 or 3.

But if method 2 is used, the Application files must also be included.

QUESTION 3: What is Best Practice regarding changes to other files than Agentry.ini and Application files ?

Then at some point one will want to transport from the Development environment to Q&A and Production.

QUESTION 4: What is Best Practice regarding transportation of Agentry Application and configuration files between Dev, Q&A and production.

I hope that Bill, Steve, Jason or someone else can clarify the above questions.


Søren Hansen