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Jul 02, 2014 at 01:33 AM

defining new framework


We have developed an own EA framework which is not alligned in 100%, with what PD allows to model using the standard EA diagrams.

Now the question is: is it possible to configure/customize PD that way, to be able to implement that framework?

The framework mainly consists of:

- some abstract elements used only to group so other abstract elements

- an high overview of processes

- overview of BPM tasks/activities (on ahigher level than BPM diagrams)

- BPM diagrams

All in all there are 4 layers which needs to be modelled in PD.

The first one consists only of abstract elements (maps) which groups some other abstract elements (process clusters). For this I would use the City Planning Diagram available in PD and use Architecture Areas (to represent processes from the second (lower) diagram) inside some other Architecture Areas (process clusters)

The second one contains a grouping of sub-processes in processes and finally in process clusters. For this one I would use PDs Process Map Diagram, and model sub-processes as Processes, processes as Business Functions (grouping Processes) and finally process clusters as Architecture Areas grouping the processes (Business Functions).

The issue is with the third diagram. It should contain of processes (modelled in the second diagram as Business Functions), sub-processes (modelled in the second diagram as Processes) and Tasks/Activities from the lower (4th diagram, BPM diagrams).

There are 2 main issues:

- what elements/diagrams to use to build the 3rd diagram?

- how to drag the tasks/activities from the BPM diagrams on that level and how to synchronize those two diagrams.

The expectations is:

- each task/activity is created only once (regardless where in the 3rd of 4th (BPM diagram))

- the tasks/activities on the 3rd and 4th diagram are synchronized

I think the main challenge is the fact, that PD does not allow (by default) to use BPM elements in the EA diagrams. Even if the documentation say`s, a Process used in the Process Map Diagram is an ordering of tasks (so mainly a process in therms of BPM diagram), it does not allow to reuse the processes from the BPM diagrams.

Any ideas how to implement such a framework? Especially the 3rd diagram, showing an overview of tasks/activities for an process?

My first idea was to implement a script, which would create/synchronize missing objects in the element tree of the 3rd or 4th diagram, but this solution has some drawbacks ... like f.e.:

- the users would get probably confused, because different type of objects would have to be used in the 3rd and 4th diagram

- the fact, that this script would have to be run manually after new objects are created

- I´m not sure how to handle object deletion

So I don´t think it´s best solution.

Any suggestions and ideas are welcome!


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