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Jul 01, 2014 at 05:18 PM

Cost estimate display is confusing


I have a cost estimate scenario as under:

Finished product Y gets received at distribution plant N after external processing after leaving manufacturing plant M as a semi-finished product X.

Finished product (at the distribution center) costed on Day 1 = $ 90 (cost of X pulled from plant M's last cost estimate)

Semi-finished product X gets recosted again in plant M on Day 2 and gives cost $95

But finished product Y not recosted in plant N after that to reflect $95 instead of $90.

But when you do a CK13N on finished product Y in plant N.

It shows $90 in the multi-level costed BOM at the top total but underneath it, the semi-finished product displays the Day 2 cost of $95. Should it not be showing the cost of $90 as on the date of the Day 1 cost estimate which is what was used for the Day 1 cost estimate for the finished product?

Attached document contains screenshot


ck13n.jpg (72.6 kB)