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Former Member
Dec 02, 2005 at 06:04 AM

OLAP CACHE: Warming up cache using query view


HI all,

I have a query that runs too long. I have free characteristics of posting period ( uses year to date variable)and profit center hierarchy.

I have changed the variable as 'to be changed during navigation'. I had drilled down all the possible free characteristics and saved as a view.

I created variants for the reporting agent for posting period 10 and highest profit center node and ran the job.

Cache was populated.

Now when I ran the query for period 8 and a node under the highest profit center node, it did not use the cache . QDBTIME had value in statistics.

Here is my question: Do i need to create variants for all possible combinations in the RA? My result set in the cache contains period values 10 and highest profit center hier. node. So why does my query for period 8 and a lower profit center not hit the cache? Any input appreciated.