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Jul 01, 2014 at 02:26 PM

How to import data usin Import manager if one of the field is of type LOOKUP[FLAT].


Consider a scenario:

Where I created a Main table named STUDENT and it has 4 fields,

a) Among which 2 fields are OF DATA TYPE TEXT[50] and

b) Remaining two are of DATA TYPE LOOKUP[FLAT] and corresponding look up table also created in the repository.

When I tried to create a file with certain input records and tried to import the values into the Main table using MDM IMPORT Manager, I am getting error at the IMPORT STATUS tab with the action item message: MAP 'FILED NAME OF LOOKUP[FLAT] TABLE' FIELD VALUE(S).

Do I need to do any special action to import record if the field is of data type LOOKUP[FLAT].

Please advice.😕