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Jul 01, 2014 at 02:36 PM

Scheduling in REM


Hello all,

Need some advice on scheduling in REM.

Well i was trying to create a planned order from REM - Planning table .I entered/assigned some quantities to a specific production version but planned order created in such fashion didn't have the production dates/rates determined automatically. I get a message saying "No production dates were determined". When i manually schedule these orders i could see them (production rates) calculated.

What am i missing here ? why aren't they determined automatically ?

Screen shots:

#1. I get this message "No production dates were determined" on opening my planning table as well as upon assigning some production quantities to a prod. version.

#2. Planned order missing production rates:

#3. Planned order:

#4. When i did a manual scheduling the production rates were determined.

Please advice.




2. pld order.PNG (39.1 kB)
1.ptable.PNG (18.5 kB)
3. pld order.PNG (34.7 kB)
4. schd.PNG (35.8 kB)