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Dec 02, 2005 at 05:19 AM

Upgrade from CRM 2.0c to CRM 4 - Initial Study


Hi All,

Our client wants to upgrade CRM 2.0C to CRM 4.0. It only uses the Internet Sales Module. We use ITS for Internet Sales.

Please help me in following queries ..

1. Is it mandatory to upgrade CRM 2.0 to CRM 3.0 and then to CRM 4.0? Can we bypass the CRM 3.0, in any case at all?

2. Will CRM 4.0 only be possible as a direct re-build, as we have to do away with ITS , and deploy and modify the JSP pages using SAP Java Server?

3. As CRM 2.0 runs on Win NT, and CRM 4.0 is only possible on Win 2000 Server, will there be any compatibility issues if we are going to upgrade?

4. Or, a complete installation of new components of CRM Server, IPC, TREX, and SAP Java Server will Web Components is only possible? If so, the old data should be migrated to new system.

5. What are the issues with data migration, if any?

6. Is EP mandatory for Internet Sales, as documentation says that web shop and other transactions in SAP are not supported, and should be run through Portal?

Please don't mind my elaborate list of questions. But it took, couple of weeks to go through all the documentation in Market Place and come up with this clarity.

Your answers will help me a lot, in fact, I can only build my estimate and design the solution only based on the clarity provided by you.

Any relevant documentation both in terms of design, estimate ( efforts and costs ) is highly appreciated, and will be highly helpful. Can be sent to


Anil Santhapuri