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Jul 01, 2014 at 01:08 PM

Copy of Inspection Result


Hi QM Gurus,

I have a very specific requirement.

If I do a goods receipt, an inspection lot (inspection origin 05) is created. (example: 05000000731 - GSM0123 - AA123456)

The results of this inspection lot can be read via an interface and the usage decision is made automatically.

I have created a delivery and a inspection lot is created. (inspection origin 06 - example Inspection Lot 10000019768 - GSM0123 - AA123456)

Now I want to copy the Results with validations from Inspection Lot 05000000731 - GSM0123 - AA123456 to Inspection Lot 10000019768 - GSM0123 - AA123456 automatically.

I do not want to select the inspection lot for copying. The system will find the inspection lot myself about Material GSM0123 and Batch AA123456.

In SPRO -> Make Settings for Copy of Inspection Results --> What setting do I need to make in the "Selection"?

  • "Recurring Inspection for Batch" - I think that is not correct
  • "Data from Inspection for Preliminary Product" - But the material GSM0123 is always the same material.
  • "Custom Selection of Inspection Lot" - I have to select the source inspection lot here. I do not want.

I have no idea to solve this requirement!

Can anyone help me?