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Jul 01, 2014 at 10:16 AM

SAP system installation with old <sid>adm user


Hi Experts,

I have a client system which had an existing system installed with SAP SID lets say SSMADM, on a Windows 2008 server.

Sometime back, they un-installed this SAP system and installed a new system on the same server with a different SID, say SMP.

Unfortunately, they had started the installation with the older sidadm i.e user SSMADM

Now, they have a system running with a new SID and all SAP services are running under local user "SAPServiceSMP" (as expected).

The administration tasks including oracle administration are however performed with the old user i.e. SSMADM

Can you please suggest on how can I fix this by changing the user id from SSMADM to SMPADM

Note: Since <sid>adm user is created during installation, I can see a local user SMPADM on the server which is a member of groups
administrator, ORA_SMP_DBA, ORA_SMP_OPER, SAP_LocalAdmin, SAP_SMP_LocalAmin

They plan an upgrade and somehow not sure if that will go through smoothly with the current set-up.

Can I simply adapt environment variables from SSMADM to SMPADM and then test start / stop processes after locking the old <SID>ADM user SSMADM?

If that doesn't work, I plan to perform a homogeneous system copy to a new server by exporting the database.

Request you to share your thoughts.