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Jul 01, 2014 at 12:56 AM

Decision on File system management in Oracle+SAP


Hi All,

In my production system we use to have /oracle/SID/sapdata1 and oracle/SID/sapdata2. Initially there was many datafiles assigned to the table sapce PSAPSR3, few as autoextend on and few as autoextend off. As per my understanding DB02 shows you the information just tablespace wise it will report AUTOEXTEND ON as soon as at least one of the datafiles has AUTOEXTEND ON. In PSAPSR3 all the datafile with autoextend ON are from SAPDATA1 which has only 50 GBs left. All the files as Autoextend OFF are from SAPDATA2 which has 900 GBs of sapce left.

Now the question is :

1.Do I need to request for additional space for SAPDATA1 as some of the tablespaces are at the edge of autoextend and that much space is not left in the FS(sapadat1) , then how will they extend? DB growth is 100GB per month.

2.We usually were adding 10 GB of datafile in the tablespace with 30GB as autoextend.

Can we add another datafile from sapdata2 this time with autoextend ON and the rest will be taken care automatically.

Pleae suggest.