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Jun 30, 2014 at 04:52 PM

Updating fully depreciated assets during creation of subsequent depreciation area


I am subsequently adding multiple depreciation areas in SAP. The system has been live for many years with a legacy system handling the depreciation for the tax books via dual maintenance. I have been able to bring in the new areas via AFBN without issue except for one thing. Many of these assets are fully depreciated in Book01 in SAP but they have remaining tax life. The problem is when the asset is fully depreciated and I assign it cost or try to make a change in the depreciation area tab it automatically fully depreciates those values.

Has anyone ran into this before? What options are there to provide a solution?

To recap; Want to add tax book values to assets already live in SAP. Issue is assets already fully depreciated. Any adjustment to keys and UL on them results in a calculation but regardless it fully depreciates whatever that amount will be.

Many thanks,