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Jan 23, 2017 at 03:08 AM

How to use Router in HCI


Hi Experts,

This is my scenario:

The Process Call will call a local process that would call a RESTful GET web service. The response of the web service is either HTTP Status 200 or 206. Hence, I used the following condition in my Router: ${header.CamelHttpResponseCode} = '200' for OK. NOT OK is the default since the initial call always ends up in this status so I have to loop the call again until it becomes 200 / OK.

When I try deploy the iFlow, I'm not getting any errors but it's not getting deployed.

If I remove the Router and simply routes the Reply to the End event, it's getting deployed successfully.

Any ideas why? Did I use the router here incorrectly? I've also tried using it in the parent process but to no avail.

Thanks in advance!


capture.png (70.3 kB)