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Jun 30, 2014 at 05:15 AM

URL Appended in Dashboards



I seem to be facing a peculiar problem in Dashboards. When I try to link to a PDF document from Dashboards 4.1 through a URL button, the PDF is opened. However, the URL to the PDF seems to be appended with an extra parameter which I did not specify. Please refer to the screenshot below:

The additional parameter seems to be something like 'SAPReserved_sharedStatesLinkageID=...'. Now, the document that I link to seems to be opening up without a problem. However, I would like to know why exactly this parameter is being appended to the URL.

Has anyone else faced a similar situation or knows why this is happening?

Thanks and Regards,

Eshwar Prasanna


URL_Append.png (2.4 kB)