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Jun 29, 2014 at 09:43 AM

queries to SCN moderator


Hello SCN moderator,

My thread "stock issue" posted today was rejected by you.

I need your clarification to avoid similar case. Not found your email address. So, post a thread.

Q1. My thread "stock issue" is related to SAP MM because SCM is not used on my side. Why this issue related to SAP module can belong to SCM LE?

Q2. For my question 2 in my thread, I have checked the forum as mentioned previously. But the point is the so-called correct answers cannot help me completely. If you dig into a so-call correct answer, it mentioned there was block indicator in the doc header. But look at my screen shot in my thread, there is no block indicator.

It could be the so-called correct answers do not address my question, or my understanding about the answers is not completely correct.

So, could you monitor this kind of questions flexibly instead of direct rejection?

Q3. Could you pinpoint which clause indicates "not put 2 questions into 1 discussion" in Rules of Engagement?

I checked it several times but not found it. I grouped those 2 questions into 1 discussion because the key problem is delivery note cannot post goods issue.