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Anywhere16: Connection Limit (Licensed seats) = 3?

We are developing a system with Anywhere16 Developer Edition.

When starting up a DB, we saw that connection limit is restricted at 3.

Is this a limit of Developer Edition? We googled but couldn't find any info about the connection limit of Developer Edition.

We got the license key by registering at this site or so:

SAP - Please Register

If we want to carry out load test later, is there any way to raise the limit?

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2 Answers

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    Jun 30, 2014 at 02:42 PM

    Hi Henry,

    You can use the dblic tool to configure the connection limit to the number of licensed seats that you are entitled to.

    For example, to adjust the number of seats to 25, run the following at an elevated command prompt:

    "%SQLANY16%\Bin64\dblic.exe" -l perseat -u 25 "%SQLANY16%\Bin64\dbsrv16.lic"

    "%SQLANY16%\Bin64\dblic.exe" -l perseat -u 25 "%SQLANY16%\Bin64\dbeng16.lic"

    "%SQLANY16%\Bin64\dblic.exe" -l perseat -u 25 "%SQLANY16%\Bin64\mlsrv16.lic"

    This document outlines some of the license terms for the Developer Edition. In particular, section 3b describes "test and prototyping use".

    You must use this utility only in accordance with your license agreement to license the number of users or processors to which you are entitled. Running this command does not grant you license.


    Mikel Rychliski

    SAP Active Global Support

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    • It works! Thanks very much!

      The license we have procured (but not yet got in hands) is Workgroup Edition Chip License, which, from what I learned, should have no limit to no. of connections.

  • Jun 30, 2014 at 01:46 AM

    Screenshot is attached, which show the connection limit is 3.

    In general, what determines the connection limit? Edition of Anywhere? License key? A configurable variable?

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    • Thanks for the reply.

      In fact we have already procured it. But the procurement procedures of our company takes some time (a few months at least), we haven't got our copies and license keys yet.

      Just want to make sure this limit was due to the Developer Edition and Key. In this case, we will contact the local sales of SAP and see if he can arrange some early copies/keys for us to use.