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Jun 28, 2014 at 06:00 PM



Hello Team

Request admin team not to remove this discussion because i am posting this question after going through relevant threads.

I need your help. I had gone through various discussions on RDS and HANA Live, i am little confused. please help me to come out of my confusion.

As per my understanding RDS is Rapid Deployment Solution and it is a predifined solution given by SAP. The predifined solution is given in the form of 4 files in the RDS solution as .ATL file ( it contains all predifined ETL solution), .TGZ file (It contains all predifined views like attribute view, analytical view and calculation view based on the solution) and .LCMBIAR file (It contains all predined universes and reports) and finally a Design document.

As per my understanding HANA Live is the HANA content avialable only in the form of calculation view.

So i request you to please look into the below questions and clarify me according.

1. If RDS is the predifined solution then what is HANA LIVE, is it also a predifined solution? please clarify..

2. RDS is having all views based on the solution but HANA LIVE contains only calculation views, why it is having only calculation views.. please clarify.

3. I understand RDS content can be customize, so is it the same with HANA live( I mean can i create analytical views or attribute views if required) .. please clarify..

Please check and correct me if my understanding is wrong. I am confused about RDS and HANA LIVE differences.. please clarify and pull me out of confusion.