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Jun 29, 2014 at 04:20 AM

Transfer of Chart of Depreciaton for Canada from client 000 to dev client - resulting functional issue


In our development environment client 010, chart of depreciation template 1CA for Canada was missing. The client is rolling out SAP solution to Canadian company and will require Asset Accounting functionality. The chart of depreciation template for Canada 1CA was copied to development client and subsequently copied to XXCA for use in configuration.

With all the settings done for fixed assets, when I try to create an asset record I cannot see the asset classes that exist in the development client 010.

When I assign chart of depreciation for Canada XXCA, which was copied from supplied template to the company code - none of the asset classes are displayed at the time of creation of the asset record AS01. In order to confirm my position, I assigned the template chart of depreciation for Canada 1CA to the company code - with the same result. However, when I assign US chart of depreciation XXUS to company code, all classes are displayed on drop down for asset classes for company code 0340.

Do I need to run another program to populate values in the associated tables?

I have noted that table ANKB - Asset Class - Depreciation Area - does not have any entries for 1CA or XXCA.

Looking for direction / suggestion from the SAP experts in FXA and Financials who may have experienced this before or have the knowledge to point to a missing link in my settings.