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Dec 01, 2005 at 05:22 PM

Missing text (short/medium/long) in characteristic 0CUST_GROUP


Hi to all,

just another technical question.

I saw that all characteristics texts are missing in BW.

For example,(with an info package) i've loaded data in BW 0CUST_SALES info object. One of its attibute is

0CUST_GROUP. Checking the definition of the attribute, i saw that in the "Master data/text" tab, the field "with texts" is flagged and "Short text exists" is also flagged. The flag "Infosource with direct update" flag is set and the values is SD-IO. Now, if i make an se16 of the text table (BI0/TCUST_GROUP) there isn't any record (but in master data table there is more than one, so the loading job makes his work good).

How i can automatically load missing texts ?? Some posts writes on "creating generic data sources and point it to text table of the infoobject". But, where i can find some documentation to perform this task ?? (I know how to create a generic datasource, but i don't know ho to make the connection from it to BI0/TCUST_GROUP table).

And then.. i must do that for ALL text (tie to the attribute) that i'd like to see in BW?

Any good hint/help will surely rewareded.

Thx a lot