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Dec 01, 2005 at 05:15 PM

Transport story


I experienced something interesting: I modified a query, saved it, closed the Bex transport and started the import into Test system. Error message telling me that some elements are missing in version M (modified). As this kind of mishap already popped up many times, I restarted the complete procedure: open a Bex transport, open the query, save it, closed the Bex trsp and reimported my query: same f… message! I went in the transport connection, made a refresh of the screen and recollected my query and the related elements: got an error message about inconsistencies in the transport system.

I tried to keep being polite, closed everything, relogged into BW and restarted the import procedure: surprise, surprise - my query is now imported OK in Production without any error message.

This is definitively not the most efficient working method! Is anybody able to explain me what happened?