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Jun 27, 2014 at 08:40 AM

GRACROLEUSAGE - Entries Incorrect - After running Synch jobs


Hi Gurus,

We are on GRC SP13.

I am testing User Access Review (UAR) workflows.

I can see that UAR requests are being generated based on the GRACROLEUSAGE table.

In the target system a user had 2 composite roles and 2 single roles assigned.

I have raised GRC change account request to get one composite and one single role removed from the user.

Workflow completed succesfully.

Once this is done, I ran all synch jobs.

I checked GRACROLEUSAGE table. This table now shows target system user has one composite role and one single role.

I have raised another change account request to remove another composite role and single role.

Workflow complete succesfully and all roles are removed.

Now user in target system don't have any roles assigned.

I have re-ran all synch jobs.

Now when i checked GRACROLEUSAGE table, it still shows single roles which are part of composite role are assigned to the user.

I am not sure based on which tables this UAR workflows gathers data.

But when I see GRACROLEUSAGE table it is not getting updated correctly.

Anyone had come across this issue?

Please suggest