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Jun 26, 2014 at 07:43 PM

Smartforms PDF417 ZEBRA - separators printed no scape sequence considered (zlp ^FH^FD)



Could someone please give us some guidance on how to solve the following issue??

We have a label designed in Smartform and includes a PDF417 that contains a
shipping information to FORD, we are concatenating several fields into a variable including the separators;

we are using zebra printers that support ZLP (zebra 110Xi4, 105SL’s amd 110 Xiiii)

the used device type we are using is YZB300U.

the issue is that when we print the label, in the PDF417 code, the separator characters are printed as text, insted of getting converted

Name Hex Description

EOT 04 End of Transmission

RS 1E Record Separator

GS 1D Group Separator


This what we need ….


But instead if we scan the printed pdf417 code we get the separators as text like this...

[)>\x1E06\1x1DF01001P\1x1DS1JUN1234567890123456\1x1D S12546\1x1E\1x04

We have tried by adding the barcode to the device type and using a scape sequence using ^FH\

and also we elimitated from the smart form the characters x1 leaving only as \1E , \1D, \04… .

however the scape sequence is not considered when printing therefore we have the same isse...

the hexadecimals are not converted…

Could you please provide someguidance.. is the right driver to use?? what other possible solution could you address??

your help will be greately appreciated!