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Two ABAP stacks on single HANA appliance in MCOD

Hello folks,

I have one open question for this great community of experts.

According to SAP note 1661202 - Support for multiple applications on SAP HANA it's possible to install BW on HANA and NW AS Java in MCOD on one HANA.

However, it is not confirmed, if it's supported to install BW on HANA and Netweaver AS ABAP on single node.

I know there's MCOS, but that is not supported for production.

I just talked about this with Andy Silvey and we are both not sure.

Please kindly remark.


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3 Answers

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    Jun 28, 2014 at 03:21 AM

    Actually, SAP does not differentiate the scenarios technically, but based on the business scenario the application will be used for (which can actually determine the workload with a higher precision than the technical architecture the application is based on).

    If you check the same note you've linked, it list several products that are technically based on NW AS ABAP and that can coexist with BW's ABAP stack, namely:

    • SAP Customer Activity Repository (CAR)
    • SAP Customer Engagement Intelligence (CEI)
    • SAP Tax Declaration Framework (TDF)
    • SAP Landscape Transformation (SLT)
    • SAP Fraud Management (FM)
    • etc.

    Hence, it is technically possible, even in production, to deploy 2 AS ABAP stacks pointing to the same HANA DB instance (albeit, in separate DB Schemas), given that those applications are included in the white list concomitantly.

    Similarly, SAP has released another white list note with the list of HANA applications that can coexist on the same HANA DB as other Business Suite applications (ERP, CRM, etc.). This SOH white list is present in SAP Note 1826100. It includes most of the same apps the standalone white list includes, such as CAR, CEI, FM, TDF, among others. The good thing about this deployment is that, since most of these apps would rely on Business Suite data (mostly ERP & CRM) to run, being deployed on the same HANA DB, they can natively consume logical views on top of the transactional data from the other DB Schema, without requiring a SLT/DS replication (simplification, anyone? ūüėä).

    So, if you think about it, what ABAP-based products are not authorized to be deployed together? Basically, everything else that was not mentioned in those two notes, most notably:

    • Business Suite apps & BW (e.g. two separate ERP & BW instances on the same HANA DB)
      • This is not to be confused with the Embedded BW case, where the BW models reside in the SAP_BW component that exists within the ERP ABAP stack. In this case, since typically the models will be virtual models (i.e. no data acquisition / extractors would be required), the BW workload is considerably lower than in a separate BW instance, allowing it to share the same infrastructure than ERP. BTW, this is the BI architecture that sFIN is leveraging (and that will probably be there for the rest of sERP as well).
    • Business Suite apps with other Business Suite apps (e.g. two separate ERP & CRM instances on the same HANA DB).

    Specifically to tackle that second point, from Business Suite 7 innovations 2013 onward (ERP 6.0 EHP7+ & CRM/SRM/SCM 7.0 EHP3+, i.e. based on AS ABAP 740+), SAP has introduced the possibility to deploy SRM & SCM* as add-ons to the ERP ABAP stack (of course, this introduces all the complexity of doing shared-infrastructure ALM, i.e. planned maintenance windows must match, unexpected downtimes will impact each other etc.).

    Hope that helps.

    Best regards,


    * I haven't read all the details, but I'd suspect SAP only allows the co-deployment of ERP & SCM for non-APO SCM components, since LiveCache would add a huge deal of complexity to the workload management between the two applications. But that's just a hunch (though, even if allowed by SAP, I wouldn't recommending co-locating ERP & APO together on the same infrastructure, due the heavy workload nature of both applications).

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    • Former Member

      Hi Henri and others,

      thanks for the detailed explanation and understanding on co-existence of applications.

      However, i am confused if DBM and CRM can coexist on single HANA box.

      I understand that DBM is tightly integrated with ECC components, hence as ECC and CRM cannot co-exisit  ,DBM and CRM cannot be run on production using MCOD option.

      Kindly confirm on this.

      Also, is it because CRM and ECC use the same object names that they cannot be deployed together ?( heard in 2013 teched).



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    Jul 01, 2014 at 11:51 PM

    Hi Michael:

    It seems several questions are mixxed together here.  I try to answer what I can ascertain, let me know if I misunderstood anything:

    Q: "Can a custom application run "on" the same SAP HANA system with a BW system?"  A: Yes, see note 1661202, which provides the whitelist of applications that can run on the same SAP HANA system.  The whitelist includes "custom applications".

    Q: What if the other application is built on SAP NW AS ABAP?  And I already have an SAP NW AS ABAP for BW?  Can both SAP NW AS ABAP systems be deployed with one SAP HANA system as their single DB?  A: Yes.  Keep in mind that the default configuration is that each NW AS ABAP-based system is deployed as a Central Instance and application servers on seperate hardware servers than the SAP HANA hardware. Those SAP NW AS ABAP systems connect remotely to the SAP HANA DB.

    Q: Can I run more than one SAP BW system on the same SAP HANA DB?  A: I think this was already answered, which is "no" presently for production systems, but is supported for non-production systems; see note 1666670.

    A few things to keep in mind:

    Please see the "further considerations" section of note 1661202.  Of particular importance is sizing. Utilize an additive sizing approach, where you figure out a good sizing estimation for each application or scenario, then add those together to determine the total sizing requirements. Don't underestimate and work with the hardware partner on any sizing estimations.

    As of the beginning of the year, SAP began supporting the deployment of SAP NW AS ABAP application server directly on the SAP HANA system hardware. So far, support for one CI (Central Instance) and possibly additional app servers for the same system is provided, but not more than one CI (different AS ABAP systems).  See Announcement: SAP HANA and SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP Deployed on one Server is generally available

    With SPS09 (planned for Nov later this year), we plan to introduce a feature called "multiple databases" which will provide greater flexibility to deploy more than one application or scenario on the same SAP HANA DBMS, each with its own "tenant DB." Thus, in future we should expect to more readily support scenarios like more than one BW system running "on"the same SAP HANA system hardware.

    Best Regards -

    Ron Silberstein

    SAP HANA Product Management

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    • Former Member Former Member

      Hi Praveen,

      For Dev and Quality, its possible, only problem is with Production system. you cant run multiple producton system in the same box.



  • Jun 27, 2014 at 08:00 AM

    Hi Michal,

    thanks for putting the question, agreed, as we discussed the Hana MCOD OSS Note 1661202 does not explicitly include in the White List a NetWeaver ABAP Stack and hence sharing the question with the community to find the answer for the benefit of all,

         Can two ABAP (based) Stacks harmoniously reside on the same Hana Database in a Hana      MCOD scenario ?

    OSS Note 1666670 specifically says,

         SAP does not support the deployment of BW with any other packaged application or scenario      (that are not on the "White List" in SAP note 1661202) on the same production SAP HANA      system

         SAP does not support the deployment of multiple SAP NetWeaver BW systems on      one production SAP HANA system

         SAP does support the deployment of multiple SAP NetWeaver BW systems within a single-node      or  scale out non-production SAP HANA system (with one DB for each SAP BW system)

                   see SAP note 1681092 about "Multiple DBs one SAP HANA" system


                   But... this is not MCOD is it.

    Based upon my interpretation of the OSS Notes, my answer is no, but let's see what the experts say.

    Best regards,


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