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Jun 26, 2014 at 07:41 AM

Trailing spaces in SQLServer memo field removed when printing in CR2008 (desktop environment)



we upgraded the runtime of our reporting engine from Crystal Reports 8.5 to Crystal Reports 2008/2011, and I realized that memo fields that have trailing spaces are treated differently.

In 8.5, i can 'see' the trailing spaces , since two memo fields printed on the same column are shown as they're separated with blank lines.

With CR2008 and above the trailing spaces disappear, so that the two memo fields appear without blank lines that separate them.

This is a problem, because many users adopted the trick of adding trailing spaces at the end of a memo field, to show the fields with blank lines separating them and now they see these fields as it were one big field without separation.

We could, of course, modify the reports to obtain the same result in other ways, but this means a lot of work. Are we making some mistakes or is it really changed this way from 8.5 to 2008?

Thanks for your attention and help.