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Jun 26, 2014 at 05:48 AM

Theme Designer Not showing Preview Properly And Launchpad Clarifications


Hi All,

I have a few queries regarding Theme Designer and the new Launchpad.

i) When i open up the theme Designer my Theme is not loading completely other than the basic texts in the Fiori Application.Even the logon screen is missing the theme.

ii) My second query is regarding the difference between the options inside a tile we are having in Old Launchpad vs New Launchpad ,Like for Old Launchpad we have an option inside the tiles "use Launchpad" and in the new launchpad we have "use Semantic Object Navigation".Can anyone explain what is the main difference between these two and why this is changed to "Semantic Object Navigation" in the new launchpad.

iii) Which role should i remove so that the normal users other than admin will not get access to the Fiori Admin Page.

iv)In the new launchpad even after assigning the Role 'SAP_SD_BCR_FIELDSALESREP' for our sales user,still i am not able to see any tiles when i try to add it in admin page,Can anyone tell which Roles and LPD_CUST configurations are needed to be done for atleast some SALES related applications.


Bince Mathew C

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