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Jun 25, 2014 at 07:45 PM

Calculating condition value based on periodic cumulative volumes when GR


Our company has a business requirement to calculate the condition value of condition type discounts/surcharges before goods receipt and then post the condition value at time of goods receipt

The requirement is to calculate the periodic cumulative volumes that have already been goods receipted during the current fiscal period (month), and then calculate the condition value of the current goods receipt based on a scale basis. An example of this is as follows:

Condition types:

PB00 Gross Price @ ZAR400

ZXXX Surcharge

Scales on ZXXX:

From 10TO 30

From 20TO 50

GR1 = 9TO (Cumulative 9TO)

PB00 = 3600

ZXXX = 0

Total = 3600

GR2 = 10TO (Cumulative 19TO)

PB00 = 4000

ZXXX = 270 (9TO@R30)

Total = 4270

GR3 = 12TO (Cumulative 31TO)

PB00 = 4800

ZXXX = 580(1TO @ R30 + 11TO @ R50)

Total = 5380

GR4 = 8TO (Cumulative 39TO)

PB00 = 3200

ZXXX = 400 (8TO @ R50)

Total = 4000

Any ideas on how to achieve this using the normal condition type as described above and using routines on the pricing schema to calculate the cumulative volumes goods receipted within the period and then update the condition value when posting the GR?

Our company is using scheduling agreements and not normal purchase orders for this purpose.

Dietrich Miller