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Dec 01, 2005 at 12:00 PM

Workflow problem


I have actually activated following workflows for the shopping cart :WS1000060(auto approval), ws100000129(one step approval for the shopping cart).

I have maintained the following starting conditions for them

1. WS1000060(auto approval) : <1000 for employee

<500000 for manager

2.WS1000129(one step): <100000 and >= 1000 for employee

>=500000 for manager

on doing so in the screen for starting conditions : only the condition for WS100000129 the green light is shown but the light is red for the WS10000060 as like the starting conditions for the workflows that I have not activated. IS IT WRONG, or alright?

Now in the WEB Browser when I shop through the shopping cart no matter what amount I enter , When I view the approver details it says that no approver required, when it should have actually as per the amount range given the appropiate message.

ONe more problem : The amount entered in the starting conditions uses the decimal notation. (1000.00 equals to

thousand ). Infact hwen I just enter thousand 1000 i.e on pressing the enter system takes it as 1000.00

But in the SC(shyopping cart) the amount is displayed in commanotation, BY DEFAULT ,I have made no settings for it(1000,00 equals I lakh). The currency I am using is EURO.

Could the discrepancy in the way the currency is the problem.